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Ouch…don’t get us wrong. But then some folks can only stand so much of the singing and dancing to the mushy ol’ tunes of Valentine’s Day. How about figuring a few, new ways to spin the day, a brand new way? Who knows, you may just end up blazing brand new trends in the process. A twist could never hurt, now can it?  Especially, if it could make things a bit spicy!

Now considering ‘spicy’ will be a little out of place in a chocolate, allow us to bring fashion to the rescue, instead. By the way, we aren’t saying that just because we are Allen Solly. You’d agree that spice is EVERYTHING when it comes to taking ‘love’ a little distance. Come on, if love was blind, why would lingerie be so popular? 😉

Here’s our take on how you could add that little spicy extra to your Valentine plans.

Pink, first!


Pinks rule for a few reasons.

  1. They are perfect to break valentine stereotypes that come loaded with reds.
  2. You can never not be sexy when you hook up with that perfect, pink dress.
  3. And men? Well, as they say – real men wear pink.

Ladies, consider accessorizing with a pair of show-stopping heels and a blush suede bag for that perfect look. An added accessory with some gold detailing must do the rest.

Pro-tip– Pick a key element from your bae’s ensemble and you are all set to look inseparable! Gentlemen should follow that lead and consider picking a tiny hint of colour from her ensemble – add that to your pocket square, or maybe the bow tie! Now that’s dapper and deep.

Ordinary fears BOLD


Staying in for a romantic evening with your soulmate? Good plan. Here’s a simple way to turn good into something bolder – Try a curve-hugging dress and accentuate it with a pop-colour lipstick. Be sure to mesmerize your man with a pair of high heels to make the evening truly magical. Men could match the game by slipping into a satin shirt for the evening. Pair it with linens for that rough-with-the-smooth look.

Men could match the game by slipping into a satin shirt for the evening. Pair it with linens for that rough-with-the-smooth look.

Match, when strings come attached


Look, matching with your bae can be an art form, if played well. Fear not the world, for today your eyes are meant only for each other. Speaking of twinning – matching in colours is one thing. How about trying some matching patterns? Attempt something straight, or something asymmetric – let patterns showcase the kind of relationship the two of you have managed to create! That’d be a not-so-obvious clue, and a little secret you both can relish.

Boho is never that serious


Want to give clichés a rest? Bring the boho out, firestarter!

Team your culottes with a fringed jacket, accessorize it with a sexy hat or beret and round it all up with boots for that not-so-conventional valentine look. Now, if this look works out and you find yourself at a dinner that signals a more interesting evening ahead, then you know there’s plenty of room to play 😉

Whatever you choose, consider locking it with a selfie, create your own hashtag and send that to us! We’d love to feature your style if that had a happy ending..

Happy Valentines, you guys. And a Happy Singles Awareness Day to folks on the other side!

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