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Blue Trends

Winter blues getting you down? Brace yourself to rise, for we are here to help you leverage blue trends! This colour continues to be a hot favourite at fashion weeks where both bright and muted shades made a mark. – another good reason to jump on to the shade!

Here are a bunch of fashion tips to help you max the trend, with minimal effort.

Pick A Shade In Trend

Blue Trends

Before anything, let’s understand the shades of blue and textures that are trending this season. Prints, solids, light, dark, pastels… the options are countless! From prints to pastels, there is a lot going on – feel free to play around with it – just remember to style it correctly. We will show you how –

Use The Blues

Now that you know your preferred shades/patterns, let’s get on to just how we can leverage the colour across a range of ensembles.

Blue Trends

What’s the one thing that can add to a great set of formals? A piece of accessory that complements it well! Now it is not usual to see blue pieces shining through when one looks around at what people tend to sport on their formals. Why not try and change that, for a change? Pin down a little blue to your formals – try a bow-tie or a pocket square, that adds that little edge to your ensemble.


Blue Trends

Here’s another way of using this versatile colour – try elements with different patterns on them. Pick a bold patterned tie and team it with a pair of matching socks, if you wish. Easiest way to stand out in the crowd.


Blue Trends

Continuing to leverage blue’s versatility, attempt something a little less conventional, if you wish. How about scarves & belts to play with? Scarves can be tricky, so remember to pay attention to how you wear them – but they sure do add an element of style, especially when you’re not in a mood for anything formal.

Speaking of belts, blue can be an attention grabber, simply because most don’t expect it. However, it has the innate ability to look great with almost anything. Try such a shade with lighter shades, though.

Wear a lightweight cotton scarf (probably with a bold print) over a simple white T-shirt. Pair it with light chinos or shorts and throw in a stylish casual belt, and you are set to rock the weather.

More Tricks for the Summer Blues


Blue Trends


Sunglasses are a given accessory each summer and there’s no reason for those to take a back seat this season! A pair with tinted blue lens or frames – both will look uber-cool on anyone.

Coming to shoes, let’s take a mental bow for Elvis and his blue suedes when you consider adding a tint of blue to your footwear. Try a pair of blue loafers, and hey! remember that blues today can even be carried off on Oxfords!

Apart from being the colour of the season, the great thing about this amazingly versatile colour is that it’s easy to team up with more or less anything in your wardrobe. Not only does it go well with almost everything, it also looks good on any skin tone.

Check in your wardrobe today and see what’s there to arm up for summer. If you don’t find enough to get you through the season, shop and stock up on your blues here.

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