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Layers? tricky business! We stay clear of them as much as we could because they are not exactly slimming. You may say they are in food terms the carbs to your clothing. So why are we talking about including them?

There are all kinds of body shapes – pears, apples, bananas? Well, the thing with layers is, whatever exotic fruit you think your body resembles, you can manipulate them to your best advantage. A little trick or two with the length or the cut, and it will add tons of personality to your outfit.

Here’s how it’s done –

The Most Sought-after Hour Glass


If you have a thin waist and curvy hips, why hide them? Go all in for a cropped denim jacket to show off your waist, paired with a slim top and fitted skirt. You could also go for leather jackets and coats with minimal detailing that will not add an ounce of extra bulk to your perfectly perfect proportions!

Good Old Pear Shape

Layers- Pear shaped

Bring focus to your waist and take the focus off your hips with high waists and slightly tapered bottoms to elongate your legs. As for the layers; jackets and utility coats with pockets and other detailing will do the trick. Experiment with statement necklines and collars that will add volume to your upper body and bring balance to your figure. You can also go for tops with bold prints and patterns worn under a trench coat that ends right under your hip.

Layers for Apple Shape

Layers- Apple shaped 2

Show off your best assets, your shapely legs! Go gaga with your bottoms and minimal on top. Darker shades and simple cuts will give you a sleeker look. A duster coat or a simple lightweight jacket. You can also wear one over a strapless dress or a V-neck top to give the illusion of an elongated upper body.

One to Go Bananas For!

Layers - Banana shaped

Congrats! Your body shape is in vogue girl! Why? Because most models have a rectangle or a banana body shape. Your focus here, would be to define your waist and you are all set. Pick a dress with dark coloured block detail along your waist to create a curvy silhouette. You can wear a denim jacket that sits right at your waist to show off your curves. Yet another option would be swing jackets and coats with belt detailing or a fitted waist like the one in the image.

Now go ahead and add some layers to your outfits! Play with prints, experiment with colours, add a twist or two, and be a fashionista of your town!

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