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Kids can (sometimes) be quite a handful. Especially when you want to get them dressed on time for a friend’s birthday party or a family outing . You manage to make them slip on one shoe and move on to the next, only to see the first one go flying up in the air. Then they do things like draw all over their brand new T-shirt with your lipstick. Or they decide to give that sparkling white dress you bought them a fresh coat of nail polish. Wouldn’t it be easy if we showed you a few style tips to keep them interested? Here are a bunch of our favourite styles from Allen Solly Junior, that your tiny tots would love to keep on.

Candy wrapped!


Dress your little angel in this candy-cute printed dress for the next birthday party she’s invited to. It’s one of those comfortable outfits that she can run around in while looking cute as a button. Team it white ballerinas and don’t blame us if you get a sweet tooth just by looking at her.

The crowned princess


Make her look and feel like a little princess in this pretty blue printed dress. Complete with butterflies and flowers, this dress is sure to get her ordained in her tiny tots’ gang. Pleated and complete with a cute belt, this dress has all that she needs to take over as her mini highness.

Sugar and spice and everything nice


Your tiny tween would love to be acknowledged as an adult. That’s why she needs to be dressed in big girls’ clothing. This sweet floral top with a tie-up detail in the front, paired with stylish washed denims is just what she needs to thank her budding stylist/mom.

Pack the little bundle of joy in cargos


Your little toddler will look adorable in this printed blue T-shirt paired with classic khaki shorts. With cargo pockets and cute side detailing, these relaxed shorts will be his summer favourite. Roomy enough for him to chase some unfortunate puppies, but sleek enough to let him have un-hindered fun.

Mischief un-zipped


These detachable trousers come with a removable knee attachment that turns them into a pair of shorts. They’re perfect for your little devil when he wants to play tough with his mates. Paired with this camo print T-shirt, he is sure to get away with his harmless pranks.

Buttoned-up for a little ride


Put your tween in comfortable and relaxed clothing for a fun day out with friends. This band-collar shirt teamed with stylish mid-washed blue denims is an excellent summer ensemble. Give the little chatter box a chance to have an uninterrupted day of adventure.

Share your experiences about dressing up your little ones in the comments section below! We’re all ears.


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