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Spring summer 2017 colour guide

With world politics teaching us that anything is possible, Pantone throws in a colour out of the left field. Drumroll, please. Pantone’s big reveal for 2017 is a refreshing and revitalizing colour, dubbed Greenery. This zesty colour defines a medium of hope, revival and restoration — a positive mark for new beginnings. While the colour is perfect for spring (that’s just around the corner), we’re still holding onto darker shades to get us through the transitional days.

The Pantone 2017 memo also suggested some deeper shades that take their cue straight from mother nature. We’re talking about: Transitions, Grand Canyon, Forest Floor and Ethereal Material — the perfect hues to wear right before the flowers start to bloom. Here’s our take on what works right now (all picked from this year’s Pantone palette). Also, it’s just in time to get that Republic Day outfit on point.


Spring summer 2017 colour guide


The key colours here translate into deep treetop greens and earthy rusts. We’re also going to add on a silvery white. Take this as your compass for ensemble planning in the season ahead when you start gradually shifting to lighter, brighter hues. Before you start palpitating on how exactly to pull off these colours, we’ve gone ahead and dug into our street style files to show you exactly how it’s done.


If you’re a monotone-outfit-only kind of person, then step out of your comfort zone and try the ‘three colour rule’ which suggests that pairing three hues can add a whole lot of visual appeal and style to your ensemble. If you’re working with solids, it’s even easier. In this case, the white helps offer neutral ground between the rich shades of green and rust. Have we got you on-board yet?

Spring summer 2017 colour guide

If three’s a crowd for you, then you can choose to pair emerald green and rusty orange. The winning combination strays far beyond the basics, but this one’s definitely a pair that deserves more attention.

Spring summer 2017 colour guide

However, if you’re someone whose still only inching towards playing with colour, then make those accessories work for you. It could be rust orange tights paired with a green shift dress or an orange bag to partner with a green jumpsuit. As for the boys, think tan or orange shoes paired with a green two-piece suit.

Spring summer 2017 colour guide

Did we inspire you enough to try the colours of the season? Leave us your comments below because we’d love to hear what you think!


Image credits: Dress like a Parisian, Pinterest, WhoWhatWear, NeimanMarcus, DullesGlassandMirrors


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