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transitional weather style

You wake up to a bright sunny day, spend some quality time (we’re talking about 30 minutes to an hour at the least) coming up with that perfect outfit for the day. You are all set to leave and out of nowhere, it’s like the weather decided to go a bit over-the-edge in its own style. Now that perfect outfit of yours does not look so perfect anymore, does it? While it may be difficult to influence nature’s mood swings, you could be prepared for it.

Here are some transitional weather style tips that will help you stay on trend even when the weather keeps changing at the drop of a hat!

Lightweight jackets to layer-up

Layering up is the key, when the weather is anything but predictable. So, it’s no wonder lightweight jackets made it first on our list here. A denim jacket or a leather jacket are perfect for casual occasions, while a blazer in linen, wool or flannel are ideal for work.

Look 1 women

Ladies, wear your favourite denim jacket with a black jumpsuit or a summery dress and sneakers to keep yourself chic and cosy all day long. And by night, go for a fiery look by layering a leather jacket either over an evening dress or skinny jeans with a crop top and boots.

transitional weather style

For you gentlemen, a leather jacket is the only layer you will need over anything casual. You could also go for a denim or a shirt jacket over a T-shirt and dark jeans. Finish your outfit with chukka boots or suede loafers for that dapper look.

Sweaters and cardigans for comfort

A light sweater, longline shrug or a cardigan are comfortable options for work. Incorporate a style with a subtle pattern or texture that would add character to your whole ensemble.

transitional weather style

Ladies, you could pair an oversized sweater with a pencil skirt or ankle-length trousers for that effortlessly chic look. If you are in the mood to put in a bit more effort, layer a cardigan over slim leather trousers. You could wear a smart ruffled shirt under your cardigan — ruffles happen to be big trend right now. For a sharper look, you can also wear a long shrug over a checked wool skirt teamed with a crisp button-down shirt and nude pumps.

Look 2 men

All you hardworking gentlemen out there, here’s a look that says you take your style as seriously as your work. Layer a cardigan over your dress shirt, roll-up the cuffs and throw on a pair of tailored trousers for that smart office look. Now for those days when the weather is gracing us with the occasional sun, show off a bit of your patterned sweater worn under a solid blazer paired with off-white trousers and tan lace-ups.

Knot it or wrap it with scarves

 If there’s one item in your wardrobe that could transition from an accessory to a top or a bottom in an instant — it’s your scarf. Whether you decide to wrap it around your neck or wear it like a sarong, you know it looks super sexy.

transitional weather style

All you pretty ladies, wrap one around your neck or drape a blanket scarf around your shoulders when you’re wearing a nice summery dress to get the best out of this weather. If it starts to get a bit warmer, tie it around your handbag for a stylish look.

transitional weather style

Gentlemen, there’s a good reason to incorporate scarves into your outfits too. It’s a brilliant way to bring life to your outfit while keeping yourself warm and comfortable. There are tons of ways you can knot them — from a simple drape to the Parisian knot. Wear it over a simple T-shirt, jeans and boots for that rugged look.

Now that you have everything in order, enjoy the unpredictable sun, the drizzles and the chills. If you want to be on top of the season’s styles before winter arrives, have a look at the top trends here.

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