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Everyone telling you what to wear or fashion trends to consider in the coming season? That’s the easy part, we say.

You know what’s not easy?

It’s not easy to let go. In general, and of things in your wardrobe that have served their purpose and must now be relegated to the depths of purgatory.

We know that hurts – but hey, look at it this way – here’s your brand-new opportunity to decide and create fresh space for a new year.

We can only help, and good friends that we are, here comes our list of trends you really shouldn’t allow to see the coming new year.

  1. Ripped Jeans

Fashion Trends

No, it is not a classic. No, it is not versatile. Yes, it’s dead!

The rips have refused to leave the spotlight for a while. Luckily this year, cleaner cuts in denims blew this one off the stage. Cutting and butchering your new pair of jeans? Not cool anymore.

  1. Millennial Pinks

Fashion Trends

There really is a romantic in all of us! Whatever may be the name we call it – muted pink or rose…Well, we shall be taking a short break from this one, and you should, too!

Easier done when the alternatives are beyond awesome – consider metallic and silver tones as known trends you step into a new unknown.

  1. Tote Bags

Fashion Trends

It’s true that these bags were a Godsend for ladies who love to carry their whole worlds with them.

Well, guess what? The world has shrunk! Literally, if not figuratively. The new world as we know it will be taken over by the tote’s little cousin, micro-bags!

  1. Slogan T-shirts

Fashion Trends

Status updates on T-shirts, anyone? That’s old news now. Unless of course if you are picketing for world peace or women empowerment. Consider placement graphics or stripes, instead?

  1. Sky-high Heels

Fashion Trends

Ladies must refuse to cram their toes now. For it’s no longer as much fun as it used to be. The biggest hits of 2018 are going to be about ‘fashion that loves you!’

Time to move on to more comfortable block heels this season.

  1. Men Rompers

Fashion Trends

Just because it made news, does not mean it was here to stay.

Also, not all news is good news now, is it?

We are certain that a lot of us are relieved to leave this one behind. Let’s shove those rompers to the far end of our wardrobes and show those denim overalls some light!

  1. Deep V- necks

Fashion Trends

As liberating as it was, we are putting deep V-neck t-shirts to bed this year. The good old crew neck T-shirt should get the job done better, instead.

Wait, you loved it nonetheless? Well, here’s hoping this one will make a come-back!

  1. Square-toed Shoes

Fashion Trends


Not too disappointed. Are we? Bring back the classic round-toed Oxfords and brogues! Comfortable and always in style. That’s what make them perfect for this season and for the future.

There you have it! These are a few of our not-so-favourite things! Do you have a list? Comment away!

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