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Rewind a few decades and imagine men smoking pipes, riding fine horses and walking around in maxi skirts and dresses.

Wait, skirts and dresses?

Rather an odd image, we agree.  Sorry folks… the time machine seems to be having a glitch. The clothing bit is from the near future.

Oh wait, wrong again… it’s from 2018!

Allow us to explain…  The radical idea of gender-neutral fashion (a.k.a. the freestyle) has been around for a while.  The trend however is slowly catching up on a larger scale.

In this age where fashion becomes a mode of one’s expressions, the revolution that it is turning into, is ideal. This trend defines a state where people stand for their values beyond gender definitions and restrictions.

Let us take you through this limitless modern concept that makes dressing easier and effortless. Here’s how you can put together your next gender-neutral ensemble –

The corporate battles for power and recognition are never-ending. The only fair thing to have, is a level playing field. Well, something like pantsuits that lend a powerful streak to the wearer. For years, pantsuits were stuck in the gentlemen’s domain. But, with the arrival of freestyle, they have adopted a gender-neutral image. Button-up for combat, ladies!

Both men and women can go on sporting the exact same look – Band-collars, notch-lapels, tuxedo-style or 3-piece suits, one stop for all.


Care for a classic that takes no sides? The famous basic tee/shirt and denims combo has always been a fashion favourite. This combination still stands as the most effortless and fluid fashion for all genders. Don’t believe us? Sport the same T-shirt or shirt with a pair of denims with your friend or better half along with sneakers. You will see what we’re talking about.



Decades-old trend, denim keeps bouncing back at us and for real good. Lending an edge to your basic styling, denim wins the race of free dressing. Regardless of shape, age, colour or gender, denim always makes you feel trendy and cool.

Twice as much denim, is as good too. So double-up on your denims and try sporting denim on denim or denim overalls, you folks!



All you ladies who love the idea of sporting your men’s clothing, get ready to return the favour.

Remember how women sported the shirt dresses that initially originated from men’s wardrobe?

Men are not far behind from taking a similar route with women’s fashion.

Elongated button-downs, shirt-dresses, and tunics can be worn by both men and women. Get the drift? Wear it with jeans or trousers, or add them as layers for an easier take on this trend.



The best style unions are the ones where fashion meets function. The most functional piece of garment all of us own? Definitely those trust-worthy shorts. Hey, we hear a unanimous ‘yes’ from both men and women on that one!

 They are a summer-hit too. So feel free to fill your shopping carts with knee-length shorts, even if you lay eyes on a few from the men’s section or vice-versa. Try them with basic tees, a jacket (denim or cotton) and sneakers to elevate your coolness quotient.

 The gender-neutral trend is sure to present a fresh outlook towards fashion and gender-fluidity. Pink for men and blue for women, you make your own rules. Go ahead and experiment until you find your voice through clothing!

Did you like this post? How versatile is your wardrobe after you tried this thought-stirring trend? Let us know all about it in the comments below. Use the hashtag #genderblender.


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