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From plaid shirts to corduroys, here are three looks from the yesteryear that are resurfacing this Autumn.

The ’90s ousted the overbearing, pop fashion of the ’80s and welcomed the era of casual vogue. Gone were the days when people ‘tried too hard’ to dress right. This decade was highlighted by a laidback attitude and an easy-going sense of fashion. Don’t we all love something that’s free flowing? Still, this is not our favourite part of that ’90s; our favourite part is that fashion from this glorious decade is making a comeback, and how! Here are three tips to help you get your ’90s’ mojo on.



You can’t think of the ’90s without remembering those over-sized checked shirts that almost every guy wore. This autumn, they make a comeback with a bang in various shades: reds, blues, and even bottle greens. Team these with jeans (tip: wear distressed ones for that extra edge) and a pair of stylish sneakers to get that easy vibe going. To be more playful, you could also wear a T-shirt underneath the shirt and finish the look with a cap!



There’s no better way to communicate casual chic than slipping into that perfect Polo shirt. Another ’90s’ trend that’s sweeping current markets is the return of the T-shirt, albeit with some changes: solid colours replace the funky oversized style of the past. To ace this look, pair monochrome T-shirts in grey and black with coloured khakis or chinos in earthy colours like brick red, charcoal and teal. T-shirts that have woven inner placket detailing are a great trend to sport this season and can be teamed with beige/tan chinos. Make sure to get yourself a couple of T-shirts in solid colours and a nice and comfortable pair of loafers to complete the look.



The key here is to include one or more textured pieces of clothing in your outfit. Tweed jackets are hot this season, and in our books, they are eternally stylish. For that extra ’90s’ spunk, make sure to wear a plain tee underneath. Another texture to explore is woolen sweaters in hues like pink, green, brown and navy blue: an interesting detailing of elbow patches makes for a pleasant blast from the past! These could be teamed with a cool pair of white pants.

The effervescent corduroy pants make their way back to stores and we couldn’t be more ecstatic! Let loose: explore different colours like rust, navy blue, grey, beige, amber and even white. These pants are like the Jack in a pack of cards: can be worn anytime, anywhere! Pair them with a regular round-neck striped or plain T-shirt for an effortlessly casual and stylish look.

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