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A guide to slay, this summer

Summer Vibe

The days are here when winter falls for the summer vibe!

Then again, what’s a vibe if it ain’t got no new moves to beat the heat? Those are the summer feels we want to talk about today, as we showcase prints & trends that are all set to rule the streets out there. Now dust off that chiller, throw in a few extra citrus slices into that sangria and take copious notes. For a super-trendy summer may only be a few sips away!


  • Tropical Fever

Summer Vibe

Want to bring the beach to your neighbourhood hangout, this summer? Go ahead and explore green, leafy prints – the bolder, the better. Trends, this time around, have made pals with exotic birds, too! Pair matching prints for your tops and bottoms, try all-over prints if you wish to try something bolder.

Not bold enough? How about some neon tropical prints that have started lighting up runways already? Bring some shine to your style, we say!

  • Earthy Tropical

Summer Vibe

A little further away from the beach lies tropical earth – and that’s set to be a certain plus to all wardrobes this summer. Earthy tropical prints are easy on the eyes, and yet have the ability to shock subtly – think sheer fabrics in bold tones and prints!

Bomb the streets with tropical prints, for that perfect summer look.


Summer Vibe

Let’s come back to Neons again for a bit. Prints aside, bold neons are turning out to be a runway favourite in the most creative ways. Neon has the ability to add an instant quirk – and that could be your superpower to shock, or a subtle accent to wow, when it comes to your chosen ensembles.

Get a taste of that with Allen Solly’s collection of T-shirts, trousers, dresses and more that could get you started on that unconventional summer look.


Summer Vibe

How far would candy be, if neons were all over already? Not too far, we assure you.

If your casual street shopping ends in a date with that perfect stranger, throw away that romcom book, and strike with a little candy floss that’s sweet, and irresistibly sexy! Shades of pink speak a language of their own, and we are talking about a whole lot more – try skirts, skinny pants or patent leather in shades of candy, if you could get your hands on some!

Gentlemen, worry not- here’s some candy for you, too! Enough celebrity gentlemen have bitten into the candy bug and it’s time you considered being candy struck, as well. Can’t argue that it’s quite the way to look dapper this season.


Summer Vibe

What’s summer if it’s not light, breezy, and comfortable? Shocking pinks and neons aside, Linen remains a summer favourite. If shock and awe is not your thing, consider linens in muted tones, instead.

It’d be quite easy to embrace soft linens in embroidered patterns that are turning hot this season. With the right accessories, linen could easily lend that right finish to an ideal, summer look.

Done with that glass, already? Pour another and start browsing. The only spill one could worry about are the summer style beans we’ve spilled already. Use your notes well and hey, don’t forget to try some unconventional looks this season. These trends sure are set to accommodate some of those.

Light it up everywhere and post a few photos! We’d love to see the looks you put together, and maybe even feature a few!

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