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Hot pastels 2018

Having followed all the fashion weeks and the steaming trends on the runways, we are here to make a fashion prophecy. One to claim that the new hot-hitting colour trend of summer 2018 will be…. pastels! Well we do admit that it’s kinda hard to go wrong with such a prophecy 😉

This Summer, the fashion world offers a sorbet of fresh pastel hues. We spotted pastels on the runway in soothing combinations and silhouettes.

This time around, pastels have revived in quite a flattering manner. This also is an opportunity for you to revamp your wardrobe and we have got just the guide on how pastels can turn out to be your all-day, all-night companions.


Hot pastels 2018
Remember the lavender trend that dazzled through our wardrobes recently? Time to sprinkle it with a dash of pink and let the magic of pink lavender unveil!  Versatile as it is, this one’s perfect to slide from a day to night look. Try an A-line dress for the corporate air, and a chic longline blazer added on for the evening. Or how about a pair of pink lavender pants paired with a basic T-shirt? And, to turn the heat up at a party, don a sleek ponytail and layer up the same look.


Hot pastels 2018

Who isn’t a fan of the ‘blue’ during summers? Talk about the relaxed vibes this one is all about!  Enough to fight the heat, would you say?

But the same blue everywhere makes it look more like a uniform than a style statement. Therefore let’s change that as we step into a rather serene territory with a classic hue – the sky blue.

Now this one is a safe colour that you can blindly trust to carry you through the day. Sky blue pant suits, flared trousers, jumpsuits and dresses are a big hit this season. Just add this tone to your wardrobe to welcome the coolness and the cool quotient to your style.


Hot pastels 2018

2017 was all about millennials and celebrating them with the millennial pink. And girl, we did good! Well, let’s not bid them adieu yet! The tone returns this year with a subtle hint of an undertone. The powdery millennial pink is both sophisticated and mushy.

A monotone pantsuit wins every war in the war of the formals. On the casuals front, upgrade your daily tee-denim look by adding a millennial pink blazer. Or would you rather raise the temperature on the streets with a pair of paper bag-waist pants and a printed shirt?


Hot pastels 2018

Finally we have a new hue of green to calm our fashion desires. Allow us to introduce the new competitor to khakis and olives – Nite Green. Now this one allows a rather flexible approach to dressing. Blending in equally with the ginghams and the soft/ sheer fabrics, this hue of green is a smooth take on the colour.

Top your closets with chequered blazers, tailored and flared pants or bralettes in Nite Green this season. Go on styling them with your everyday outfits to explore the colour at its best.


Hot pastels 2018

This brand new tone – Gen Z has taken over all the social media platforms and runways recently. A colour highly appreciated by the Gen Z brigade (the group born between the mid- ’90s and early ‘00s) is the talk of the town. From sunglasses, Instagram filters, t-shirts, cars, tracksuits, this tone will soon be hijacking your wardrobe colour choices. The colour has also won a spot in the best Easter-appropriate colour. Well, post-Easter, if you insist.

Lying somewhere safe between the pastels and the vibrant tones, we call this the odd one out! Fill in your shopping carts with work suits, capes, blazers, cocktail dresses and trousers in this tone and you will be on the winning side with this.

Let loose your impulses and pick up these trending hues. We assure you, once you’ve tasted the fun these colours hold, there’s no going back. Let us know how your wardrobe looks, once you revamp it with these hot hues!

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