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Going back to your pre-teen years, remember THAT one favourite superhero outfit you swore by? Every time your mom or dad made you stand in front of your wardrobe, you always swayed in the direction of that specific HellBoy tee and wore it till the last rag of thread gave up? Those were the golden years when dad went on a business trip and you waited for him to return with your favourite superhero outfit, to make that envy-worthy appearance at your best friend’s birthday party, or as your fancy outfit in school!  However, it was often a task in hand for the folks to pick up stuff due to the lack of variety and easy availability.

Times have changed, and yet, certain things rarely do. Superheroes were born never to fade away from our memory cards. Yes, there have been new entries, but the craze stays the same! So much so, that sometime it can be overwhelming to pick one, given the ranges on offer, and varying quality standard.

Well, we are here to help. Allen Solly Junior’s Justice League Collection may just shower down all the convenience you sought as a parent.

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Batman tees and trousers, to Wonder Woman tops, keep them geared this summer from their head down to their tiny toes with our edit of juniors’ summer collection for boys and girls.

Superhero wardrobe upgrade

A few of the 80s and 90s superheroes like RoboCop, Silverhawks, Tron, Condorman, Generation X etc may have gone too far from the periphery of the upcoming generations. However, there is still scope to rekindle the fresh connect with some of the recent superheroes. Brighten up their wardrobe with pieces from the collection of their (or your!) favourite superheroes. It’s a win-win for you as a parent and your little one, who is just one extra outfit prouder! After all, what kid does not love a Batman or a Wonder Woman hiding in his/her cupboard?

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Superheroes DIY everything!

Just finished watching Justice League with your little one? Loved it, didn’t you? Now you find yourself in a spot, craving for more adventures of this iconic dream team, but maybe you need a little help on where to begin?

How about some home DIYs? Begin by styling your little monkey by making him sport his favourite character of the League. Then, indulge in a mini DIY session with your tiny tot to make matching masks and shields to complete his outfit.

Do a fun-filled photoshoot with him to retain those super memories for the future and fill them empty frames with cool mugshots of your little one.

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Channelize the ‘WESTS’ in your family

Nothing works as the best family goals than twinning! The family that dresses up together stays together. Look at them Wests! You often drool over the perfect celeb appearances with their little ones. Be the Wonder Mom to your precious little Wonder Daughter or get out as inseparable twins when you are heading out on your weekend excursions to the adventure park. 


Let the force arrive in style

How about a battle of super heroes for your little one’s birthday this year? Not literally a battle, but a theme-led birthday party with a dress-code followed by the Justice League team- props, looks and what-nots! Let the little geniuses’ imagination flow. A cosplay is never a bad idea to light up any party.


A Superhero T-shirt paired with a ballerina skirt or a basic bow-waist skirt and bellies with a cape, is all that is needed for your little Super girl to soar high at her dressing game.

Go ahead, be the super dad/mom you already are! Just beware of these new superheroes right inside your home!

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