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Layering trend

Layering is the only power move your wardrobe needs, plus it’s a skill worth adding to your style credentials. Period.

What’s all the fuss about, you ask? For starters, layering allows you to fill in that huge gap of transitional dressing. Is it sweater weather yet or should you pull out the crop tops? Well, if you’ve got your layering game on point, then you can pretty much wear anything you want without freezing to death or over heating yourself, while artfully putting most of your wardrobe on yearly rotation instead of seasonal only. We’re style stalking and pulling out some layering hacks from the street to add a little cohesion to master the look. Follow along as we tell you just how it’s done!

The undershirt

Layering trend

We all did it in high school, so you pretty much know the drill. Pull out a slightly fitted tee and wear it under a sleeveless dress (Phoebe-style), slip dress or short lace top. Spring perfect and summer friendly, right?


Matching separates

Layering trend

Matching sets were a big trend last year and they’re still hovering around, not willing to break their synchronized stance. All we’re saying is, don’t be afraid to mix it up. Go for bold floral prints or brightly coloured separates, if you’re not afraid to make a statement.


Hoodie meets biker

Layering trend

Running errands or airport style looks way hotter when you’re working a laidback yet grunge look with the hoodie and biker jacket look. This look is perfect for days when the mercury is dropping faster than the stock market. We’re taking tips from Kendall for this one.


Monotone story

Layering trend

If colour play isn’t your forte, then layering gets a whole lot simpler for you. Just think monotone. Pick out an ensemble in the same colour story, maybe a few shades up and down. This look tends to shuffle between athleisure cool and city-chic—both of which are good in our books.



Layering trend

The oversized, warm and cosy scarf is a layering essential that promises to keep you extra snug while adding another dimension to your ensemble. Tip: If you’re wearing a predominantly solid ensemble, then add some pattern with the scarf or vice-versa.

We’ve peeled apart the art of layering for you, but do tell us by commenting below if you’ve got a layering hack we missed!


Image credits: So Perth, Pinterest,, JeansFashionStreetStyle

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