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OpenWork Culture

“Make yourself feel at home… or at work!”

What defines your perfect workspace? Surely, the idea of having everything in control on both your work and social life fronts. What if you could work from the serenity of a park, keep an eye out on your mischievous pet, or boost your fitness while on the go?

In the light of a modern era defined by technology and dynamic lifestyle, we have quite the concept for you to strike that balance – Open work culture. Call it an active and flexible working environment, providing the liberty to work from anywhere and at any time!

Open work culture is soon evolving into a revolution, thanks to the convenience it brings.

Managing such a flexible lifestyle calls for a more versatile approach towards dressing-up. One such trend is Athleisure or casual dressing with a hint of Friday dressing to keep you ready for an all-day roller coaster.

Here’s how you can style your way to being a trendsetter following an effortlessly successful lifestyle –

OpenWork Culture

When talking about a trend big on versatility, this one scores a brownie. windbreakers are an easy choice for both on and off-duty ensembles.

For the new age professionals who cycle to their workspaces, these jackets offer comfort and flattery. Designed from waterproof shells, they are made to bare the rainy weather too.

Wear them with both tailored trousers as well as baggy silhouettes like joggers to make them work both ways.

OpenWork Culture

Comfort is surely underrated when it comes to dressing up. A work culture that’s all about liberty should take this as key, and that’s what the wide leg pants would achieve for you!

A sophisticated silhouette for all-day wear and lounging, wide- leg pants spike the interest in an otherwise standard outfit. The key features of this trend – full length, high waist and a relaxed fit add the perfect extensions to nail an elegant outfit. Designed from velvet and satin finishes, these pants lend a certain level of luxury to your look. They make perfect choices for all categories, be it the lounge, post-workout or all-day wear.

OpenWork Culture

The good old sweatshirts are no longer mere sportswear utilities to hit the gym. Add ‘casual staple’ and ‘relaxed workwear’ to their profile, and you will have a better grasp of the roles they play now. And quite a player, they are!

Watch them take over the casual realms with appliques and graphic designs, elevating the look to a whole new level. Nailing that ideal polished look is equally easy to achieve by pairing them with pencil skirts for women and tailored trousers for men.

With the design shifts this one has seen in the recent times, changing your outfit post the gym session will soon be a thing of the past.


IMAGE 4When you are looking to transition between several roles, you need elements of clothing that can take you through the day with ease. These relaxed A-line and pencil cut skirts are versatile enough to accommodate all those diverse tasks on your list.

Commuting to work on a bicycle? Go ahead and layer it over your running shorts or leggings while on the go. The skirt can smarten-up a sports outfit or provide elegance.

A palette of monochromatic matte works smoothly for switching places and tasks through the day. Don them with shirts, T-shirts, pullovers or even crop tops.


OpenWork Culture

The classic sportswear staple, the basic bomber moves into a more luxurious territory to keep up with this trend. Made from rich fabrics and sophisticated tones, these jackets are  effortless pieces of clothing.

These jackets are convenient daywear that comes in handy in any situation, whether you are working indoors or outdoors.

Wear it over plain T-shirts and shorts or joggers for low-key dressing. For a chic evening look, layer them over trousers, skirts or dresses.

If you choose a conscious and active lifestyle, coinciding with the open work culture, these style updates are a necessity. We believe and encourage working towards this dynamic modern lifestyle, exploring one’s efficient self and becoming trendsetters. Let the power of stag be with you! Click here to have a look at our new #openworkculture TVC.

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