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It’s finally that time of the year again when you dress up to send chills down people’s spines! Which creepy ghost are you dressing up as? Don’t like creepy? Get a stylish look this time. Scary or fashionable, here are some easy costume ideas to turn that Halloween party into a horror platform –

 For The Little Ones:

Give your little ones an extra pair of horns or fangs and watch them cause absolute mayhem.

  1. Chucky

The little terror Chucky may have given you a few sleepless nights. But dress your boy as one and he will probably put little Chucky to shame! Don’t blame us if the little devil chases a few unfortunate puppies around the block or gives the bystanders a fright in his costume.

Image 1

All you need are a striped T-shirt, denim dungarees and a red wig. To make the look even more real, you can draw scars on his face with red and brown lip liners.

  1. Wednesday Addams – Addams Family

Who doesn’t like the prim with her bitter mood and weird hobbies? If your little girl is a fan, she would be delighted to dress up as one for the night.

Image 2

white polo T-shirt worn under a black long sleeved dress. Complete the look with black stockings and shoes. Give her double braids. Dust some powder on her face and she’s all set.

 Women Ghosts:

Women ghosts are in vogue. Dress up as a classy ghost or a creepy one if you would rather give a fright to everyone.

  1.  The Bride of Frankenstein

A woman in a pristine white gown may not mean a beautiful bride when it comes to Halloween.


If you don’t have a white gown, you can style a white long sleeved T-shirt with a white long skirt. Cut a square in the middle of an old bedsheet to create a boxy neckline. Fold back and pin to create armholes. Give a messy look to your hairdo and spray temporary white hair spray on the sides. Some extra makeup and a purple lipstick will make you the center of attraction.

  1. Martha Shaw – Dead Silence

Even the name of this character can scare us like anything. Be a daredevil and scare everyone like crazy.


The costume is pretty straight forward with this one. Dress up in a black floor length high-neck dress. If you don’t get your hands on one, substitute with a high-neck sweater and a full length black skirt. Blacken out your teeth with charcoal powder or eye liner. Use dark red and brown lipstick to create scars on your face and finish the look with a grey wig.

All You Men Out There –

Women and child ghosts have been walking the walk for a while now. This might be your chance to step up and win the fight back.

  1. Freddy Krueger – The Night On The Elms Street

The scary mister Krueger has given us all quite a few nightmares. We are not very sure about the consequences of dressing up as one, so sleep at your own risk on the Halloween!

Image 5

If you have a striped red-green sweater and a pair of navy trousers, you are half way there. For a realistic approach to the look, get a burned skin mask and claws. A black fedora and a pair of boots will surely spice up the look.

  1. Louis – Interview With The Vampire

Remember Louis? The handsome vampire played by Brad Pitt? Dress up as one and grab the attention of the ladies out there.692a02daf6f4468cf76cfe88b9a87058--interview-with-the-vampire-writing-tips

Dressing up as one is quite easy with items straight out of your wardrobe. All you need are a vintage shirt, patterned waistcoat, trousers and a white ascot tie to ace the look. Splotch some white powder on your face. Apply some hair gel and comb your hair back. You are all set to woo the ladies with your charm.

Now that you have your costumes ready, lights out and action! Happy Halloween!

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