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Winter is coming, or rather winter has finally arrived. It’s time to dig into your closets and pull out all the warm essentials you had packed away. We’re giving you a quick recap of the hottest and most wearable runway trends of the season, for you to brave these brilliant winter months in style. Get ready to take some notes!


It’s a sea of velvet

Stylish winter trends to follow right now

From left to right: Ralph Lauren Collection, Prada & Vanessa Seward

This opulent fabric manages to sneak its way back onto the trend charts every few seasons and this time it’s almost decadent in its richness. From rich midnight blue to the slightly more shocking bright yellow and orange; there’s a whole lot of velvet to choose from. Go all out and don a velvet blazer to spruce up your regular outfit or take the subtle route and slip into a pair of velvet loafers. Or better still, explore normcore with a velvet tie.


 It’s all about the sleeves

Stylish winter trends to follow right now

From left to right: Fenty, Jacquemus,Hood by Air, Vetements & Marc Jacobs

Long voluminous sleeves are currently in vogue, and we mean really, really long sleeves. From dresses to blouses and jackets — it’s all about the billowy sleeves with stylish shapes that graze your fingertips and then go slightly beyond. This is one trend that you definitely have to try. After all longer sleeves make for a leaner silhouette, right ladies?


The return of the turtleneck

Stylish winter trends to follow right now

From left to right: Street style & Tory Burch

If there’s one silhouette that’s often left out of the trends, it has got to be the humble turtleneck. But this winter it’s made a major comeback and brought along a friend. Not sure what we’re talking about? We mean turtlenecks and dresses. So take out that slinky slip dress and wear it over a contrasting-coloured turtleneck to your next Sunday brunch.


Colour me copper and bronze

Stylish winter trends to follow right now

From left to right: Wooyoungmi, Canali & Topman Design

In a sea of wintery greys and blacks, two colours stand out, particularly for menswear. We’re talking about copper and bronze. The former is that matte shade that’s somewhere in-between rust and burnt orange, or to over simplify the point- a bright shade of brown. Go for a copper sweater or try trousers in this shade to give your work wardrobe an interesting twist. As for bronze, you can grab a pair of jeans in this shade and be right on top of the trend charts. You can thank us later boys!


Bomb(er)s away! 

Stylish winter trends to follow right now

From left to right: Dries Van Noten, Saint Laurent Paris & Versace

Bomber jackets have been around for a while now but this winter they’ve been given a glitzy makeover. Jackets with quirky badges sewn into them or ones with embroidered details that ooze high-end dressing are making waves right now. Our recommendation would be a black bomber with something cool embroidered on the back that’s both fierce and uber-stylish.


Trousers that scream relaxed

Stylish winter trends to follow right now

From left to right: Lou Dalton, Bottega Veneta & Hermès

Slim-fit and tailored trousers are always a closet essential but this season it’s all about the slouch. These relaxed-fit trousers with an elasticated or tie-up waist were a hot favourite on many runways. Think the athleisure trend that’s been around for a while and looks like it’s here to stay. Go for a pair in dark wool in a colour like grey or navy that’s ideal for formalwear. Always wear these with a crisp shirt, tucked in so that you can balance out your proportions.

We hope you are sufficiently inspired to give these trends a try and style them your way. Share your favourite look from list in the comments; we’d like to know what you think!




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