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Secret Santa Gifting Ideas: Jingle Some Bells at Your Workplace

Gifting Ideas

As we are just a couple of weeks away from Christmas, the secret Santa must have already been rolling at your workplace. Want to give gifts to your colleague and quite confused? Don’t worry, we have got your back. We understand that it becomes quite tricky when it comes to what to gift them.

Here is an ultimate guide which is budget friendly to embrace the holiday spirit and spread cheer at your workplace. Let’s begin the fun of choosing the gift for your secret child according to his/her style:

Tea/Coffee Lovers:

Gifting Ideas
There is always one person in the team who is crazy about everything related to tea/coffee. They just love having it in any kind of situation. For this kind of people, anything related to the beverage will excite them. You can gift them different flavours of tea/coffee hamper. If you want to add some humour to it, try a tea/coffee slogan tee in their favourite colour.

Fashion Addicts:

Gifting Ideas - Layering Street Style 5

Will you be surprised if we tell you that choosing a gift for a fashion addict is the simplest job ever? Just a solid coloured outfit for your colleague. Try to ditch prints as it can be risky at times. If you are doubtful about the colours, blindly go with black, grey or beige. You can also add on some accessories based on his/her outfit. Use these tricks and trust us you can never go wrong with this.

For the Hungover Caterpillar:

Gifting Ideas

Anyone for a pint after work? You must have heard these words from the party animal of your office. They live life to the fullest and also manages to reach office on time each and every day. You must have picked their name by now. Get some funky accessories, posters or T-shirts for their office desk to enjoy a good laugh at work.

Phone Addicts:

Gifting Ideas

Have you seen people who can’t stay a second away from their phone? Phone addicts are everywhere; the best gift for them will be a power bank. The most common occurrence people phase nowadays is when their phone goes out of battery life. Give them a lifetime battery experience with your thoughtful gift. It is a quite handy and inexpensive gift. Go and grab the best one for your secret child.

Accessories Lovers:

Gifting Ideas

We all love accessories. Don’t we? Keep it simple yet stylish by gifting a belt, watch, bracelet, bags or a pair of sunglasses. Still confused? Go ahead and grab a dark coloured accessory as it goes perfectly well with everyday outfits.

Handmade Gifts:

Gifting Ideas

Believe us, these type of people gets attracted towards whatever is handmade. Gift them a handmade greeting card and they will be overwhelmed by your gesture. You can add some handmade crockery, jewellery or scarves to keep their sense of artisanal quality alive.

I am sure this list would have given you a lot of great gift ideas. What are you waiting for? Celebrate this upcoming season and comment on your gifting experience with your comrade.

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