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Decoding the colours for Spring-Summer

Ever been left enticed at the sight of a rainbow and the gamut of colours blooming out of a shade card?

We all love that, but then there’s the inherent fear of incorporating those colours into our wardrobe.

Can I carry it?

Is it trendy?

Is it too much?

One worries about dreadful comments from the fashion police at work, or in social circles and now thanks to the internet, there’s social media policing to add to it all. Then it’s inevitable that we flinch at the thought of looking like a candy in a crowd of subtly dressed geniuses, and kill the ideas even before they take an inch of space in our mind-wardrobe.

It’s no secret that colours are having a major moment on the runway these days. But how does one bring those looks and shades down to something smart and wearable?

Let’s decode this together, by making the most of all the existing colours and putting all the blacks and greys to rest…at least for a while.


A great way to ease into wearing colours is to start with solid tones. Don’t worry – whether it’s a vibrant yellow or a poppy red – club these tones into your ensemble through complementing pieces of clothing like scarfs, shoes, belts etc. Remember, it’s not about what you wear, it’s about HOW you wear it!

 Image 1

 Once you feel ready to take the leap to vibrant and playful solids, be daring! Style your look with a mustard blouse, red skirt, blue belt, purple stockings and a pair of brown block heels to up your game.


One of the major ways for a smart pairing is to on-set your colours by mixing things up with a variety of textures. Cotton on linen or denim with linens, for example, can be an interesting drill. Trust your instincts and fuse various textures to create looks that surprise you…and everyone else!

Image 2

Don’t worry about the occasion. Fusion, after all, is always in fashion. You can work around styling an embroidered cotton top with ripped denims and a denim jacket to top it all up.

And yes! Don’t forget to accessorize with your favourite sling bag and subtle pumps.


Here’s another way to build a differentiating factor to your look. Break the monotony of the subtle solids by adding prints and patterns – try Camo-prints, Tropicals, florals, Geo-prints, Checks, Plaids, Herringbone…the list is endless.

Image 3

Add some extra points to your street-style by pairing a striped T-shirt with a printed pencil skirt.

Complement your look with a pair of stilettos to unleash that fashionista in you!


Diversify in your choice of colours by considering nude and beige tints.

Speaking of nude staples, start with beige, cream, brown and everything in between. They all are working rather well these days, when it comes to trends, and offer understated elegance and sophistication.

Begin with layering and experimenting while combining these colours to create an exciting look.

Image 4

Go further with a pair of light jeans, a cowl-layer top and a long knitted shrug in light and muted shades to keep your style up a notch.

Works best when accessorized with pointed tie-up or corset-heels that shower elegance!

It’s time to try pausing the blacks and greys and saying a big  hello to colours not yet attempted! Once you commit to colours, thou shalt never return, we assure you.

Try this out and let us know how your colour journey goes!

Image sources:, Allen Solly campaign shoot

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