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T Shirts

Cruising through the summer sun,

With chores done and undone.

Talking in circles and sailing boats,

Cubes and stripes in neat rows.

Setting you apart from the rest,

Bringing alive your truly best.

Right under the finely lit blue skies,

No questions on where and why.

A treat from us to you,

Our every tee under the sun for you.

It’s summer, and hey one must sing! And what better to sing about this summer, if not tees! Speaking of tees,

It’s no secret that all men fancy a comfortableT-shirt.Rarely ever does anything come close to the versatility and  low-maintenance convenience these offer!

That said, one question that pops up often is whether a tee could take you through all those diverse occasions on your calendar?

They sure can, as long as you’ve got ‘every tee under the sun’!

Excessive much? Allow us to explain, for there’s a simpler way. It’s time you explored the ‘Every tee under the sun’ collection where you could find one for every occasion out there! Take your picks and it’s as good as having ‘em all!


T Shirts

Though it took a little while for the T-shirt to enter corporate realms, it now blends in like that Friday’s last drink. Call it your worthy go-to business attire for attending meetings or just a casual day at your desk. T-shirts in solid tones or stripes will lend you that smart and sharp look, as would your formal shirt. Complement them with tailored trousers, a blazer and tan brogues for a slick on-duty ensemble.


T Shirts

Weekend comes with the promise of leisure but leaves you with more choices to make than ever! Clearly for some of us, dressing up is not all that leisurely as we could hope for. Care for a simple hack to get that task straight? Just pull out a vibrant tropical printed polo T-shirt and pair it with chinos and strap sandals.Right on style with minimal effort!


T Shirts

How about a game at the club or a live match over the weekend? That reminds us… booked your IPL tickets yet? Relishing a live match in your flattering style settles the bill. Specially, with these graphic/slogan tees that add just a tad bit of humour to your look. Fan of the stag? Check out the ones with the stag graphics, online. Wear it with your denim shorts and a cap to look your best while cheering your favourite team.


T Shirts

A busy day with switching flights, attending meetings or running around the city on the agenda? We say, manage it all in the comfort of a T-shirt. Cramming yourself with a suited attire can wait for another time. Meanwhile, just add a blazer to a 3D geometric print tee and denimsfor a look that moves…it’s a ‘score’, if it moves the clients too!


T Shirts

Think you are a real charmer? Play with a classic tee that forever holds its charm in casual dressing. Pick one in your favourite shade while running weekend errands, going for a late-night movie or club hopping. You can team a crew-neck T-shirt with a pair of joggers/trousers and sneakers to rock a casual-chic look.

From a wide range of colours, prints, patterns and styles, make your selection and opt for a flexible approach to your wardrobe. Write to us in the comments section on how your ‘smar-tee’ or ‘par-tee’ turned out to be!

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