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Neon Dressing

The world of curiosity can never be taken away from a child.

“Why can’t car sleep in my bedroom tonight?”, “Are you certain there are no “momsters” (monsters) under my bed?” [Trying to lift the retriever’s hind legs off the floor] “Why isn’t coco walking on 2 legs?”

The questions are numerous and so is the fascination for new and random things. Like, the new-found love for neon slime (we understand your emotions here, moms).

Hate it? Oh well, here’s us again to the rescue – with a little less messy option that keeps your tiny troublemaker off the slime. How about we shift their neon obsession onto their clothes? The magical neons sure can throw a spell on their favourite looks.

We’ve gathered ways on how you can dress up your munchkin in neon and let the magic prevail –


Neon Dressing
Looking to revamp your junior’s summer wardrobe? Go ahead and throw in a touch of refreshing neon to otherwise boring tones. Make it pop, we say! A neon dress with comfy sneakers or mixing neon skirts with tees are sure favourites. If you want to go easier with neons, just a subtle detailing on the dress or the T-shirt is all it takes.


Neon Dressing

We would all agree that the tiny tots are way more active than us folks sitting at workstations crushing candies.?Embrace their unceasing energy by not letting their active moments go dull with blacks and greys. Choose neon-tinted gear instead, to keep them and their stamina alive. Neon T-shirts, shorts, jackets and shoes are undisputed winners in this category.


Neon Dressing
Summers, beaches and vibrant tones hit the vacay chord just right. Make your monkey dive into the world of neon as you lay next to the blue sea.

A striped swimwear with neon detailing or a neon two-piece swim-suit are fun options. You can also dress your adorable little girl in a plain white frock with neon accessories to add to the fun at the waters. And, for the little charmer out to wow everyone at the beach, neon yellow shorts are the way to go!


Neon Dressing

Attending birthdays or theme parties in the same old shine and glitter is so last season. Trust us, the kids know these things . Let’s try candying things up a bit. Dress your little Ms. Mischievous in neon – experiment with neon tees, skirts, headbands, leggings, boots and accessories. And if you plan to dress them up for a costume party, try a neon-rock ballerina look.


Neon Dressing
Neons are not just limited to beaches and the blues. You can pack them for your junior’s summer trip around the world as well. The little bubbles can sport basics like slogan T-shirts, shorts, or trousers in neon paired with skirts, shirts or jackets in lighter hues. These pieces are sure to add a lot of drama to their travel attire.

Let these little pockets of energy have a blast sporting neon shades. And if that isn’t enough to keep them from trouble, we have more ideas coming up. Watch this space for more!

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