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When it comes to office wear, the first things that come to mind are classic colours like blacks, whites, greys and navys. Every now and then we come across checks, stripes and even those ditsy dots on a formal shirt. Rarely do we understand that there’s scope to break away from the norm and wear prints at work. To start you off on your journey to embracing prints at work, here’s a handy tip.Choose shirts with smaller prints if you want to create the impression of a slimmer torso and leaner shoulders and vice-versa.Remember, broader the shoulders, smaller the print.

Here’s a look at some our top picks:


floral collage

Florals have always been a trending print, with variations in size and colour making an appearance each season. But it’s important to wear this print right, especially at work, to avoid looking out-of-place.

Styling a floral shirt is completely predicated on your creativity with colour combinations. Smaller prints in regal colours are a must. For starters, you can wear a dark floral shirt with a pair of khaki trousers or chinos. Finish the look with suede loafers for Fridays at work. This ensemble is versatile enough that you can head straight to a post-work party to celebrate the arrival of the weekend.



geometric collage

When deciding what to pair with a shirt that has an all-over geometric print, it’s critical to consider the shirt’s colour. It’s not just about the details. At work, the ones that are usually lighter in colour can be easily paired with just black to make a statement. For a far more stylish approach, you can wear a dark shirt with a pair of light-coloured trousers along with a suitable pair of shoes.

For instance — A navy shirt can be easily paired with light grey trousers and suede shoes.



ethnic collage

Sometimes, it takes a more creative touch to truly get the scoreboards rolling during office hours.  Artistic, unique, and captivating, these Indian-printed shirts are a must-have for the 21st century working professional.

Suitable for both business casual and boardroom marathons, these shirts are can be your sidekick all the way through. Fight the mid-week blues by pairing a light-coloured shirt with khaki trousers and brogues to make the shift between work and leisure with ease.



stripes collage

Stripes have always symbolised the proverbial corporate look. One for all seasons at work, literally. Be it horizontal, vertical, brightly-coloured, or just black on white, stripes can take multiple forms in white-collar country. With all the existing styles turning ubiquitous, it’s better to go for something new. The best way to create your own spin on stripes is by adding an electric colour into the equation which is bound to make an impact.

You can try on a blue shirt with all-over stripes and pair it with black trousers and suede shoes. This combo works brilliantly, for both boardroom meetings and coffee with clients.



check collage

This one is ‘no surprise’ entry on the list. Checks have been synonymous with workwear for ages. Be it in multiple colours, dimensions, or even styles, you will find at least a dozen folks at work sporting this print. While many have tried to experiment and pair checks in an assortment of ways, how are you going to make yours different? Simple solution: don’t. Just keep it simple, with an edge. Red and brown go hand-in-glove, particularly when meeting prospective clients is on the agenda.You can raise the stakes and close a few deals by wearing this red checked shirt with brown trousers and brogues. This ensemble packs quite the perfect blend of class and contemporary flair.


So, there you have it! A definitive list of prints to get you revved up for the corporate world with minimum effort. Want some more handy tips for 9 to 5 dressing? Here’s another piece that’s sure to inspire you.


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