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For some, superstitions are a way of life; for others it’s a means to win the Wimbledon championship trophy.You read that right…it really is that serious!

Remember that time when you carried a ‘lucky’ pen into the examination hall? You’re not alone because you have something in common with the most celebrated Wimbledon champions. A few of them swear by some of their own idiosyncratic beliefs before winning matches (or not) Here are a few gems.

A word of caution – believe what you will, at your own risk!

Roger Federer


The 18-times Grand Slam winner, has an obsession for number ‘8’. He goes to the extent of carrying 8 racquets to a match, placing 8 water bottles on the courtside and using 8 towel rubs at the end of the set. Here’s his ‘theory’ – he was born on the 8th of the 8th month (August). Well fortunately for him (and the ball boys!), he wasn’t born on the 31st.

Rafael Nadal


Nadal probably has the most interesting (and time consuming) routine. The most interesting of it is the placement of 2 water bottles on the ground in a straight line, labels facing the end of the court from which he is about to play. He rearranges the bottles when he changes the court to ensure the labels are once again facing the right way. God forbid, someone knock those bottles down!

Serena Williams


Here is someone who has an unbelievable fascination (or obsession) with her feet. Serena carries a pair of her shower sandals to the court, ties her shoe laces in a specific way and has to wear the same pair of socks that she wears to the first match throughout the tournament. Wow!

Novak Djokovic


Novak Djokovic carries a special someone namely his pet poodle Pierre as a good luck charm wherever he goes. That is one lucky poodle we say.

Goran Ivanisevic


The Croatian tennis player, Ivanisevic believes he must start his day watching a show of Teletubbies and finish the night with the same meal at the same table, in the same restaurant. Imagine eating fish soup, lamb with potatoes and ice cream with chocolate sauce every night.

Andre Agassi


We saved the best for last! Agassi confessed his little secret after he won the French Open. Apparently, he forgot to pack his underwear for the first match and he won it. So of course he decided to go commando for the rest of his career. The rest as they say is… history.

With Wimbledon being one of the most tradition-loving tournaments in the world, it’s only natural for the players to form few of their own. Plus anything that helps win that coveted trophy can’t be a bad thing, right?


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  • Really enjoyed reading this fun article.

  • Really enjoyed reading this fun article.

    • Hi Elizabeth,

      Thank you for the appreciation. Keep reading our trendy articles and share your comments.

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