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Snug as a bug under all those layers, aren’t we? There must be a good reason why beasts hibernate this season – wish we were that lucky! Winter can surely freeze a soul, if you let it.

So how can one make the most in the dreariness outside? Well, there’s one way to brighten the mood – think bright colours! Why add to winter’s misery with pastels and neutrals when colours could bring in that much-needed ray of hope!

Let’s do this then – shun them winter blues with a pop of colour on your ensemble. Here are a few quick fixes.


Take no step back when it comes to experimenting with accessories that pop on your winter ensemble.

Image 1

Pastels and neutrals maybe a winter favourite, but accessories in bold reds are timeless. Put them together and you give yourself a killer ensemble! Whether it’s a handbag, stockings or tiny elements like belts, caps or footwear, a touch is all it takes to take it to the next level!

Image 2

Running out of options to make your winter ensemble interesting, gentlemen? Experiment with bright red socks, scarves or even footwear to grab some attention on those frosty winter mornings.


Image 3

Make a colourful appearance with the right balance of bold and pastels. That bright orange skirt will work great with a cream sweater. Or you could try a brilliant bodycon T-shirt under a jumpsuit, or even tone down a bright dress with a camel coat! Get the balance right, and your outfit could whisper sweet nothings this winter!

Image 4

Gentlemen, try shades of rust orange, autumn maple or tangerine. The hues could turn a real treat, this frosty season! Try them on sweaters, chinos or even T-shirts this winter, to zest things up just right!


Stuck with a winter wardrobe full of pastels and neutrals? Fret not! You just need to layer up bright to play the game right this winter.

Image 5

Here’s another quick way to make an ensemble pop – Go easy on the outfit and go overboard with the layers. Longer the layers, bigger the statement!

Image 6

Go with a puffer jacket for a sporty look, a sweater for a casual one and a long coat for a business casual look. That’s all it takes to transform your look in an instant. Try matching accessories that complement.

That was pretty simple. Wasn’t it? Play the colours right and winter will be thanking you for that extra bit of colour you bring to the streets. If you liked this blog, leave us a comment about your favourite winter look. Go bright & bold, experiment with colours and shine on!

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