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Work Routine

Post a couch-hugging weekend begins your week, with a cringe-worthy Monday! We feel you…it’s a universally painful sentiment, common to most corporate babies. Getting on your toes, all set to take on the hustle of the week. While it would take a bigger force than a fashion brand to save you from your intense schedule, it sure remains in our power to turn your work routine a tad more delightful for you.

Let’s take a walk across a typical working day & show you just how easy it can be, to turn a drab around your 9-5 clock.

6:00 a.m.

Rise & shine!

First things first, a brewing cuppa to get you on the move. Post your dose of the preferred morning elixir and a quick fitness regime, it’s time to play adult and make a few real-life decisions.

Work Routine

8:00 a.m.

Staring at your wardrobe can be tricky and intimidating (for a few). Want to make things easy? Choose a few combinations that work for you and invest in variations along those lines. Pink works great with beiges and greys, for example. Beyond that, we have a perfect range of work wear with just the right finishes and detailing to get you through your day. Pick one every morning and you are sorted!

Work Routine

9:00 a.m.

The rush to work brings us to another idea – busy streets, stuffed metros/ buses or even that oft-used cabs.  An ultra-stretch fabric will lend you the flexibility and ease that you need while commuting. Have a look at it when you are passing by our store next!

Image 310:00 a.m.

That Meeting with the Board.

Made it just on time? That followed by the moment of discovering those creases and patches! Those ‘n’ number of deodorant sprays did not help, yet again! Allow us to suggest an innovation that can help you breeze through such situations. Check out our range of anti- bacterial and anti-crease shirts and trousers in store!
Work Routine

12:00 noon

Even before you are done finishing one meeting, your clients are awaiting your presence. To pitch your best idea is the major goal but you can’t let loose on your presentation. Go for shirts from Allen Solly’s All day workwear collection for such days stuffed with meetings.

Work Routine

2:00 p.m.

Talking about the worst spills you’ve ever encountered in your corporate life and relegated to shaky cups of coffee, here’s an idea to get over such glitches. Tackle anxiety crawling up your sleeves with a quick-dry functional shirt from our latest collection.

Work Routine

3:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Switching cities for your next deal? Keeping up with an intact presentation between flights and airport lounges is not always an easy endeavour. How fresh you manage to stay can entirely depend on your choice of attire. There’s also the airplane chills and changing weather to consider, in such instances. When faced with uncertainties like different climates and places, consider cool max – a perfect solution that keeps you warm when it’s cold, and cool during humid hours.
Work Routine


Slotting a pal’s engagement in between a business trip? Isn’t it great when time allows such little luxuries? Although it would require changing into something sans the day’s creases, in a jiffy! Anti-crease fabric is the perfect solution. We provide you an added advantage with the ultra-stretch trousers and shirt to shake a leg in!

Work Routine

We attempt to understand what your days and evenings demand from you. These are just a few of our innovations to let you sail through the day. Watch this space for more on Allen Solly’s All new, All day work collection!

Stay tuned for more details on what’s brewing next!

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